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In July of 2022, whistle blowers came forward to expose a plan to destroy the world's fiat currencies and replace them with a CBDC digital currency, known as USDR. This plan also includes a social credit system, called CSRQ.


This plan was exposed through a series of intel releases provided through our organization. We were met with immediate censorship and our official website was removed with a cease and desist order.

Since then, we have continued to try to bring this information to the world. Below you will find resources and links to learn more about what the whistle blowers have revealed.

Intel Resources & Links


  Whistle Blowers Expose CSRQ & USDR 

(Overview of initial release of information)

Gideon's video interviews (Part 1, Part 2):


Q & A Session with Gideon (Part 1, Part 2)
(Conversational interview & discussion)

New! *NEW* Intel Drops *ONLINE

(New Intel Drops from Gideon)

Our Banned Site Preserved & Backed-Up

(Preserved on the Wayback Machine)

Oculum Labs PDF Saved Copies

(Old PDF here; newer PDF up to Intel Drop #24 here)

Pedos & Hackers Exposed (TG link)

(Agents attacking us have been exposed. Case closed!)
BANNED Secret Sovereign CSRQ accounts

(Gideon's sources expose world leaders)

FAQ Questions & Answers about CSRQ

(FAQ on CSRQ, USDR & Financial Reset)


Join Our Intel Network


Important! WeAreSovereign Telegrams

(Group link. Messages from Gideon link)
Updated! Twitter @OMNeverRetreat
(Our official Twitter)

Twitter @DarkDayz20

(Posts comms & alerts)
Updated! Twitter @BillSweet

(Works directly with Gideon & the whistle blowers)

New! Bill's Back-Up Socials

(Back-up accounts at Gettr, Brighteon & GAB)

WeAreSovereign YouTube

(Official Gideon videos; Bitchute; Brighteon)

Twitter @SurviveTheReset

(Opinions & news)


Email us to be listed above if you want to help coordinate with us. All patriotic groups are encouraged to join us.

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Click here to fill out our anonymous questionnaire, so you can be part of our team in the post-Reset world and help us destroy the cabal and CSRQ.










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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

- Psalm 23:4


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