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Site Disclaimer

The following disclaimer covers ALL content posted on this website, and its correspondent sub pages.

This website adheres faithfully and without error to the Terms of Service of the hosting provider,

At no point we have violated the hosting provider’s Terms of Service in any way, shape or form.

Any claim as to the nature and purpose of our website to the contrary of the statement above is a baseless lie, a falsehood and without evidence.

Additional terms and details are included on our Telegram Disclaimer here (Telegram required).

A smear campaign is underway to have our content removed

We are being actively attacked by mentally unstable and mentally ill individuals (who we refer to as "agents"), who are in the process of making false, baseless legal requests to have this site removed. Such claims are utterly baseless and without any evidence.

These mentally unstable and mentally ill individuals are providing laughable erroneous “proofs” through likely doctored, edited or altered YouTube videos. Not a single statement they have provided to have our website removed is based on any evidence whatsoever.

These mentally unstable and mentally ill individuals have also cited that we have removed certain web pages that now return a “404” error. Through the normal course of building and operating a website, some pages may be posted and then removed. This is a normal practice. These mentally unstable and mentally ill individuals appear to believe this is evidence of a crime, violation of Terms of Service or some other nefarious activity.

These mentally unstable and mentally ill individuals have also cited that at one point we posted a page that said something using the word “Obsidian.” They point to this term as some kind of evidence that we are conducting something nefarious or against the law. The term or word “Obsidian” carries with it no legal connotation one way or another, and to make such a claim is further evidence of the mentally unstable and mentally ill perspectives of those attempting to remove this website and keep it from operating.

In addition, scammers are using our likeness and name. Multiple instances of imitation or fake accounts of our likeness has been found and detected, as evidenced here. It appears there is an attempt to phish for cryptocurrency using our name and likenesses. At least one person was scammed by one of these fake accounts, of which we can provide proof of this upon request.

Please be aware of this, as we are not to blame for the activities of criminals or bad actors.

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