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CSRQ & USDR FAQ for 2024

Questions about the Financial Reset, CSRQ-SM / Obsidian social scoring software and the USDR digital currency, from

(Note: For a complete overview of our information, visit Gideon's story.)

Who are the whistle blowers that you refer to?

They are software programmers and engineers working directly on the future worldwide social credit software system (which we refer to as "CSRQ-SM" or simply "CSRQ", also known as "Obsidian".) This system will assign tracking and control mechanisms to every human being, and it is similar to the social credit system already in place in China.

In late 2021, through a series of back channels, the whistle blowers reached out to Gideon (see below) to expose this system. With Gideon's help, we formed a group to release the whistle blowers' information through our previously-censored and banned website (still available here on the Internet Archive).

Since being censored, we were able to create another website,, containing all of the information we have released thus far.

Where are the whistle blowers located? Where is CSRQ being developed?

Their exact location has never been disclosed to protect their identities.


CSRQ itself is being developed in so-called "fusion centres" around the world, including many places in Europe, Alexandria, Virginia, Singapore and China. The fusion centres are usually located in nondescript low-rise office buildings, but they are outfitted with high security surveillance.

Who is “Gideon”?

He has a background in the intelligence field. He has multiple connections between our group and the whistle blowers with access to the CSRQ-SM software. He has requested his exact professional background not be disclosed.

Who is behind what you are doing?

We are comprised of multiple patriotic individuals brought together by Gideon to ensure we can coordinate a plan and response to the coming Reset.

Presently, those who are public or semi-public include Bill Sweet, DarkDayz, SurviveTheReset, and Michael, the admin of our Telegram groups and other platforms.

A number of non-public individuals are also working behind the scenes to help us and coordinate with us.

Who or what are “agents”?

They are paid shills, disinfo operators and agent provocateurs who work for the cabal. Their job is to infiltrate groups like ours to disrupt them and ultimately destroy them.


Agents are trained at varying levels of competency and skill; some are "low level" agents assigned to create agitation and disruption, while others are highly trained and designed to subtly infiltrate groups, make friends with other members and slowly deceive them in various ways using advanced psychological methods.

These agents have attacked and attempted to infiltrate our group since its inception, particularly in our Telegram groups (learn more about the YouTuber working with an agent pedophile who we exposed last year - TG link).


Those who have been supporters of us have witnessed countless agents engage in disruption, deception and attempts to hack our group, message our members to ply them for information and so on.


Agents do not attack cabal gate-keeping operations such as Q Anon and QFS, as the cabal is literally funding these operations.

Read our article, “How To Spot An Agent – Common Tactics & Strategies,“ to learn more.

What is the Financial Reset?

It is a restructuring of the world’s financial system.


It will transition the world from a multi-currency capitalistic fiat-debt system to a one-currency centrally controlled digital system (also known as a "CBDC" or central bank digital currency).

When will it happen?

Our best intel and sources indicate April or May of 2024 is the planned month for the transition. This will involve staged cyberattacks (as discussed in Intel Drop #39), an economic meltdown, a fake pandemic ("Disease X") and an unwinding and collapse of the U.S. Dollar and other currencies.

What does the CSRQ-SM software do?

It manages both social credit scoring and banking transactions. More information can be found here, Gideon’s story and Gideon’s interview. Facts about CSRQ-SM’s class system can be found here. (Some of these links lead to our previously-censored website still preserved on the Internet Archive. As such, they may take time to load, so please be patient when opening these pages).


Our Intel Drops also provide critical information, and we recommend reading each entry. It may be helpful to open each link into a new browser window and read through them, one by one.

What is the “class” system in the CSRQ-SM software?

There are four classes, Common, Restricted, Quarantined – and Sovereign.

The first three comprise 99% of humanity. They will all have strict limits on the assets you may own and they will require mandatory vaccination.


They will all have a social and carbon credit score, and all will receive heavy penalties and fines for behaviour that is not approved. The system is similar to China’s social credit scoring system, but more robust, slightly more lenient and user-friendly, and offers more perks and incentives for "approved" behaviour.

The Sovereign class comprises less than 1% of humanity (a total of 10 million or so accounts have been seen in the system by the whistle blowers). It is a hidden class, and highly classified. It will never be disclosed to the public.


Sovereigns do not have any restrictions of any kind, and they are not required to receive vaccinations of any kind. They do not have social or carbon scores they must adhere to. They have been allowed to secretly acquire vast sums of USDR, the future digital currency.


Sovereigns will also be given the antidote for the nano dust placed in our food supply, expected to be activated around the time CSRQ comes online.

How do I know what class I’m in?

If you are a truth-seeker, if you have explored any conspiracies on the Internet in your lifetime, and if you did not take the Covid vaccine at any point, then it is a high likelihood that you are in the Restricted or Quarantined class.

If your political views are more moderate, if you rarely explore alternative media, and if you are vaccinated for Covid, then you would be Common class.

What is USDR?

It is the future worldwide digital currency. It is similar to Bitcoin as it will have a capped, unchanging supply. This will create a drastically different economic world, whereby Sovereigns will control virtually all of the money in the world.


Other classes - Common, Quarantined and Restricted - will receive a monthly UBI and additional opportunities to gain USDR through social score activity via CSRQ.


However, no one who is not Sovereign class will be able to save or earn large amounts of USDR, and existing fiat wealth of non-Sovereigns will be reduced to zero during the Reset.

How do I get USDR?

You cannot buy it or acquire it on the open market. It is a classified project only available to Sovereign class citizens. At this time, they are transferring crypto in vast sums into CSRQ to buy it before its cap is reached, at which point no other USDR will be ever issued or minted again.

Who is behind this software and the Financial Reset?

The World Economic Forum, the IMF, the BIS, numerous central banks and countless leaders and nations.

Various groups, from Freemasons, Jesuits, Jewish mystics and so-called Illuminati secret societies are also involved in varying capacities.


The above groups are controlled by a larger group whose name is not allowed to be published on the Internet without immediate censorship; as a result, little information is known about it.

For purposes of simplicity and clarity, we refer to the above collective groups as "the cabal" in our Intel Drops and other comms.

Will every nation on Earth use CSRQ and USDR?

Nearly all nations will use it. Anywhere that an ATM with Visa or Mastercard services is available will have USDR and CSRQ in operation. This is because the worldwide Swift banking system is already well-established and will be used as the backbone for USDR.

What will happen to my assets?

They will be seized and/or they will simply no longer exist. As there will be only one currency - USDR - if you are not able to transition your assets into the new currency, they will cease to exist or drop drastically in value and eventually no longer be used.

Private property will be seized and/or given or gifted to illegal migrants in Western countries. Gold, silver and cryptocurrencies will exist, but will be priced in USDR. If you are a Class C, R or Q citizen, you will not be allowed to trade it or own them, therefore its worth for those classes will be irrelevant. Bartering will be banned, and stiff penalties will be put in place for those who engage in it.

I found a crypto called “USDR”, should I buy it?

Absolutely not. No current crypto on the market represents the actual digital coin of the new currency.

Anything called “USDR” is purely coincidental, as there are thousands of tokens in existence and anyone can create one with a few clicks of a button. They have nothing to do with the future world currency. Please read this disclaimer as well.

Is the system really called 'CSRQ' and the digital currency really called 'USDR'?

Yes, and no. The social credit system itself is not specifically called "CSRQ" and while the classes are called "Common, Quarantined, Restricted and Sovereign" on the first level data page of the software, they are not referred to as such within deeper levels of the software. Instead, within the software, they have identifiers such as "C-10" and "Q-15" to designate different classes, of which there are varying tiers and sub-classes that involve even more complicated names and designations.

At the suggestion of the whistle blowers, we have used the simple terms used (Common, Quarantined, Restricted and Sovereign) to represent these classes so the information is easier to digest, and we have not disclosed the the varying subsets for each group. It has been discussed that in future Intel Drops we may disclose more about this aspect of CSRQ, or publish a primer that goes over these various designations.


The whistle blowers have said the actual software does not have a specific name, and, in fact, appears to have a variety of names represented by project "code words" that have changed throughout the past few years. This is likely done for purposes of compartmentalization and security. They have seen the term "Obsidian" and they believe that term is used by the cabal to represent CSRQ.

Early on, we made a decision not to use "Obsidian" and instead to use "CSRQ" to designate the software in our public comms. Going forward, we will use both terms to describe the software.

The whistle blowers have said within the CSRQ software there are designations indicating that the name of the future digital currency is, in fact, USDR. But they have said they have also seen other designations, such as SDR and XDR. They believe the name may change upon official release, and that its real name may still be classified.

Are you associated with Q Anon?

No. We consider Q Anon to be a disinfo operation being conducted by the cabal.

Are you associated with GESARA/NESARA, or the Quantum Financial System (QFS)?

No. We consider GESARA/NESARA and QFS to be a disinfo operation being conducted by the cabal.

Are you associated with other outside groups?

No. However, Gideon is informally in contact with other groups who are against the cabal's agenda.

Are you a religious group?

Some of our members are religious, but we do not promote religion in any way. We do offer a Spiritual Discussions Telegram group (now censored).

Does Gideon have an email, website or social media I can visit?

Gideon does not have any public email, official website or social media links at all.

However, we do post official communications from him in our Telegram announcements channel. The only source of official Gideon communication will be through this website, our Telegram channel and Twitter accounts.


We also forward emails sent to us to Gideon. If you wish to contact him, you may email us (below) and we will forward your information to him.

Can you change classes in the CSRQ-SM software?

So far, the whistle blowers have been able to successfully do so, though the process itself carries with it a great deal of risk for them and for our team.

Whose classes have been changed?

Gideon’s, Bill Sweet’s, DarkDayz’s, Michael’s (the Admin) and others among our group have been successfully changed to Sovereign.

Can I have my class changed to Sovereign?

Due to the risks involved, the whistle blowers will no longer attempt to change classes in CSRQ.

Are you trying to charge fees or sell subscriptions?

No. Our Telegram rules contain an extensive disclaimer about this, and we have also posted on Twitter about this. Anyone claiming we are “selling” anything or attempting to make money are making misleading and erroneous statements to defame us.

In fact, we are trying to expose scammers, like Q Anon leader and child molester Phil Godlewski.

Have you spent money to promote yourself, or paid anyone to promote you?

No. We are a grassroots operation, and everything has been done to provide anonymity for our team in accordance to Gideon's guidelines.

Are there any outside media outlets or sources that have covered your story or information?

Yes, a list of third parties who have covered us can be found here.


However, most cabal-controlled gatekeeping groups and channels in the alternative media have expressly ignored us or refused to cover our story.

What is your official email?

Our official email is

What can I do to help you and your team?

The best way to help us is to share our information.


The cabal gatekeeping outlets in alternative media are well-funded operations, while we are not. Your actions are the only way for our information to get out, via sharing our Intel Drops and website on social media.

If you are reading this now, it is because someone else previously took action and shared our information on social media (Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Facebook, Rumble, Bitchute, YouTube, various forums and so on).

Keep in mind, you may be met with shadow-banning and censorship, and you may be attacked. Many of our supporters have reported this and even proven this will take place if you share our information, so please be prepared for that.

I try to stay off social media, what are some tips or security steps I can take to still help?

While social media sites are mass surveillance and data farming operations of the cabal, they can still be used safely if you take certain steps, as follows:

- Always use an anonymous email to sign up to social media sites, such as

- Never use your real name or real photo when using any social media sites.

- We consider Twitter to be safe to use, since it can be joined easily with an anonymous email. By joining, you can follow our Twitter accounts (listed on our main page) and share our information.

- If you need a phone number to sign up for a social media site, you may not want to use your real number. You can use instead (the cost is $2 for a fake phone number, and the service works without issues; you will want to make the purchase then speak to an assistant using the chat button on their site. They will provide you the phone number and you will enter that into the social media site, and the activation code will then be sent to them, and they will then provide that code to you).

- TikTok is an extremely important social site for sharing information, but it is known for data collection. If you want to help us spread our information there, it is greatly appreciated. We do not use it due to security risks, but supporters may be able to use it if certain steps are taken (use above to establish a TikTok account with a fake number).


- Use of a VPN is highly recommended because it encrypts and hides all data traffic from your ISP and from the websites you visit. However, many VPNs are cabal-controlled outfits (such as NordVPN) that will log your data. We recommend, as their privacy record is well-established.

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