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Update on Sovereign program

We have been planning to give everyone an update on this for some time. Let's clear up some misconceptions.

It's extremely important to note that Gideon has said that, under normal circumstances, a process of recruitment of this nature would take at least one year. That is a process of finding the "best of the best", the right people, the right patriots, in the right places, to take action after the Reset.

Ideally, we would search for between twenty to thirty people to form this group. If it were possible to make large-scale changes to classes, we would hope to completely sabotage CSRQ by making everyone Sovereign. But this is not remotely possible, as redundancies are in place so such a thing would result in immediate flags and alerts.

Such a task is daunting and takes time. Simply explaining it to people, so they understand what is going on, has been an on-going issue. Despite countless Intel Drops and dozens of pages of articles, we still receive questions from people who simply do not understand at all what is going on.


It is also made immensely more difficult by the fact agents would attack any attempt by us to change anyone's class status within CSRQ.

Now let's go over some important points.

The challenge in changing class statuses:

1. Certain things about this process either have not been disclosed, or they have been obfuscated, to protect the whistle blowers.

2. Risks are mitigated when the whistle blowers activities do not diverge or deviate from the normal, daily expectation of job tasks. If they are able to stay within these parameters, they can surreptitiously conduct changes and alterations without detection.

Agent attacks

1. When we first hinted the whistle blowers were willing to change a few people to Sovereign within CSRQ, we were immediately attacked.

2. The cabal does not want us doing this, period. They have been relentless in trying to either stop us, discredit us or cause so many disruptions, we cannot complete the process.

3. Numerous agents applied to the program, just to exploit it, expose it and infiltrate it.

4. We had difficulty sorting out who was an agent and who was not.

Hacker attacks

1. Bill's emails at OculumLabs were hacked and compromised.

2. We are certain our Protonmail accounts were hacked at some point. The hackers did not want us to know they had accessed them. At one point, a session was detected from an unknown IP address and location. This indicated to us the account was compromised. We had been changing our passwords on a weekly basis, and we believe this was not frequent enough. We have since been changing passwords multiple times per day, and since then, no issues have been detected.

3. We believe emails were sent from our Protonmail accounts by the hackers, that we were not aware of, because they deleted them from the "Sent" folder.

4. At least one attempt was made to either photo shop or change a screenshot. We believe it is possible this also was done internally, within CSRQ, and altered that way. We do not know, but it would stand to reason the hackers would have some kind of access to CSRQ to perform operations such as this for purposes of discrediting us.

5. The hackers appeared to have sent emails and replied to emails, then deleted them so Bill would not see the activity in the account.

6. Some of Bill's own emails were copied and edited, and the hackers then sent those out.

Successful class changes

1. Three people have been successfully changed to Sovereign.

2. The whistle blowers have said there have been no flags or issues so far.

3. One of these individuals stopped emailing us. We do not know why. It is possible their own email was compromised. Or they simply have not checked their spam folder. In any case, if they do not contact us soon, the whistle blowers will have to change their account back to their previous status, which was Restricted.


1. A lot of people don't seem to understand anything about this process, how it works, or even the fundamentals of CSRQ. We believe this is due to the information overload going on.

2. We are going to release a Sovereign FAQ soon to answer as many questions as we can.

3. Due to the countless email issues we've had, the process of becoming Sovereign has not been very streamlined. Some of the emails confused people, partly due to the hacks. We are considering re-vamping and re-launching this process, so everyone can have a fresh start and understand better how the process works, through easy to understand, step by step instructions.

4. Changing existing fiat into USDR is becoming a much more urgent and pressing issue. We believe by Winter of this year, time may be completely up to transfer funds to USDR.

5. We are exploring whether or not Bill's $3 Million in USDR can be used to fund other accounts. It appears this is, indeed, possible.

6. We understand we will be attacked relentlessly for attempting to change people to Sovereign class, and for them to fund their accounts and gain USDR. We understand agents will attack us, but also that some members of the general public simply cannot understand or accept what is going on. They may believe CSRQ is a "scam" or some attempt to steal crypto. We have offered as many assurances and explanations as we can, but we cannot satisfy everyone. We plan to simply forge ahead, against the criticism and proceed to do what we plan to do.

7. The opportunity to change people's classes to Sovereign hangs in the balance. With each passing day, we do not know if the whistle blowers will continue to offer to perform this action, or if they will be found out, or if their job description may change so it is no longer possible for them to perform this action. We do not know. The situation could change at any moment


8. We believe we have sufficiently proven CSRQ is real from a circumstantial evidence point of view. We have received an extraordinary response of agents, who have made every attempt imaginable to either silence us, attack us, make bogus, false claims, disrupt our Telegram, hack emails and so on. This would not be done over a "hoax".


We also believe there are countless news stories which back up our claims, some of which have recently come up to directly confirm CSRQ is real. Even in the past month, more and more stories emerge proving CSRQ is real, stories relating to Digital IDs, CBDCs, digital currency, social credit scoring, and plans by virtually all major governments to move in a direction which would suggest CSRQ is about to come online and be activated. The overwhelming circumstantial evidence is clear: our whistle blowers and Gideon are telling the absolute truth about what is going on, and what is about to happen to the world.


If one is to presuppose CSRQ is real and Gideon's reports are real, one would also have to presuppose some kind access to Sovereign class is possible vis a vis the work of the whistle blowers. One would assume a new currency is to be brought online, and that there would be methods of Sovereign classes to gain wealth in that currency before it is brought online. This is demonstrably exactly what is going on. Criticisms and proclamations of a "scam", based on no evidence, are meant to distract. The cabal does not wany anyone being changed to Sovereign, and they are frustrated by the fact they continue to have difficulty stopping us from doing it..

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