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Intel Drop #36 - USDR To Be World's CBDC

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The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Part 1 - Major Event Warnings


Bill: We haven't spoken in a while, so first of all, I wanted to ask how are you doing?


Gideon: "I am doing well, thank you."


Bill: Good. Are you safe, is your family safe, are the whistle blowers all safe?


Gideon: "There are always threats, but for now, we are all safe, yes."


Bill: Ok, I'm glad to hear that. I've got a lot notes here for what I want to talk to you about today. Is this a good time to delve into these things?


Gideon: "Yes, you may proceed."


Bill: Ok. I first want to ask about the X App, which we talked about all the way back in October of 2022 in Intel Drop #21. I think people thought when Elon Musk bought Twitter it was just some kind of vanity project for a rich guy, but you correctly said it will be part of CSRQ back then. Now it looks that way.


Gideon: "Yes, everything my sources said last year about his acquisition of Twitter is playing out now. The purpose was for the cabal to acquire a major platform and then later use it for CSRQ. That will happen now, with this X app."


Bill: These kinds of confirmations I find pretty chilling. I wish your sources were wrong more often! I figured I'd ask you if you have any new updates from them?


Gideon: "I do. A number of major things are taking place behind the scenes. We are all very concerned about the speed with which this new digital enslavement infrastructure is being put in place, and the fact the public seems mostly unaware of it.


You could say, all the puzzle pieces are being moved into place, before it comes online, or before this event that is coming."


Bill: What is this event? What do they want to do?


Gideon: "My intel is not specific enough to make any predictions, and some of it is too sensitive to state publicly, without risking everything we have being removed. So, I will just speak about what I can speak about.


I have been told by some very reliable people to think back to before Covid, a little before the year 2020. We know they did Event 201, we can now look back and see they planned Covid for years. My sources keep telling me things like, 'We are in 2019 right now. You do not see it, but it is about to happen.' So, what they are trying to say is, a major event is coming and we need to open our eyes."


Bill: What's amazing to me is how no one really predicted Covid. I think there's a video from some lady a year before it happened talking about vaccines and warning about it, but that's about all I remember. Oh, and the London 2012 Olympics, a lot of predictive programming, and there was that show with John Cusack called Utopia. I guess there were clues, weren't there?


Gideon: "There were clues, yes, but they were difficult to detect. The cabal placed the clues about, but no one really put them together. Much like the clues before 9/11, they were there, but hard to see."


Bill: One clue I see is another pandemic they're planning, I see that on the horizon.


Gideon: "Yes, we strongly believe they are planning another one, with a few twists and turns along with it."


Bill: I'm looking at my notes, and I wanted to ask you about some of David Icke's information. I saw he has a big interview up on the London Real YouTube channel, and they keep splicing it up and posting excerpts from it. What do you think of him, and his new book The Trap, and this idea of soul traps? I'm sorry, that's a lot of questions, we should talk through all that one by one.


Gideon: "Well, to begin, I do not find his information to be filtered or mixed with disinformation. It seems he is a genuine person trying to understand our reality. As I recall, his son even shared the information we released on his father's website, or David's website."


Bill: That's right, he did. I remember we felt like he must not be a cabal asset if his son did that.


Gideon: "He would certainly not be. So, that was encouraging."


Bill: What about his soul trap information? I've been looking into this more, and I realized it really ties into our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series. It's really close.


Gideon: "We should probably give people who will read our conversation here some context, though, about what you mean."


Bill: Ok, I guess the concept is this idea that when we die, we enter this white light, we experience love, we see dead relatives and have a life review. This is all related to NDE's, or near-death experiences. There's a school of thought that's come out that says none of this is good, and it's a big deception that happens after we die, part of this so-called 'Matrix' we're in, this soul trap we're in.


Gideon: "That is correct. It is important to realize the deceptions of this world carry on to the next. I believe I have said that before. They do not end or cease, they continue. We die and enter the astral plane, another dimension, full of deceptions, even more powerful than those in this world."


Bill: Can I ask you if it's all bad and evil? Can we trust any of it?


Gideon: "It is not all bad or evil at all. The afterlife and universe is filled with love and good beings, and God oversees all of it. With that said, everyone should resist the light when they die, resist the tunnel, resist the overwhelming feelings of love and comfort. These are deceptions and drugs by used by the cabal.


They are extremely hard to resist, of course. A person has just had a traumatic event, they have died, so they are very vulnerable in that state. They see many fantastical things and they get caught up in it."


Bill: I read something really interesting, and that's that ghosts are souls that somehow didn't get caught up into this light and this trap, and they're still roaming Earth. Do you believe that?


Gideon: "Generally, I do."


Bill: Ok, I have a few links for the Intel Drop I want to share so people can research more. I think the YouTube channel Forever Conscious Research is a good place to start. You can also just use the search term "soul trap matrix" on YouTube and a lot of good sources will come up to explore this topic. I also found vast resources on Wes Penre's website and Wayne Bush's Tricked By The Light. Do you think it's wise for people to go down this path and explore this?


Gideon: "Yes, I do think it is wise. As I discussed in the Cosmic series of Intel Drops, we are in a battle that extends beyond this world, into the astral world. It is utter folly to assume we die and simply enter into Heaven and we no longer have to use any discernment.


The battle for our soul does not end at death; although those saved by the blood of Christ are redeemed, the misconception is that death is the end. Death is not the end of anything."


Bill: Do you consider these after-death deceptions demonic-related?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: I noticed there are near-death experience YouTube videos and channels everywhere now, getting hundreds of thousands of views. They are all positive, all saying, "Going into the light is good," and so on. Something occurred to me, that with all those dying from the vaccines, maybe the cabal wants to prepare them?


Gideon: "That is precisely what they want. You have connected the dots correctly here."


Bill: So, the cabal is sort of popularizing the NDE stories so that when people die they just go along with the program?


Gideon: "Correct."


Bill: Ok, because that really does fit into the whole Cosmic series we did. The cabal is moving souls to the afterlife, and also preparing all this stuff for Earth.


Gideon: "They precisely are. We only see our side of it. We do not see what is going on in the astral, the battle there. So, they are always coordinating things with that.


Their plan is to reduce the population, move the vaccinated, deceived souls into the astral and use them there, and take the rest of us left over and install us into this Metaverse. They want these 15 minute cities, total surveillance, and people on UBI, which is to say, CSRQ."


Bill: It seems like it's all playing out exactly as you said.


Gideon: "Not as quickly as we expected, but yes, very close to what was predicted last year."


Bill: Why do you think there was a delay?


Gideon: "I am not certain there was. I had a lot of conflicting information on timelines presented to me. I felt it could happen last year, this year or by 2024."


Bill: I wanted to ask about USDR. You can just read the news and see they want a CBDC, they want a digital currency, that's easy to figure out now. We know through the whistle blowers what that will be, and now there's been some big changes. Do you want to get into that?


Gideon: "Yes, the past year it seems they had a program, or phase, for their own cabal members, which we would refer to as Sovereigns in CSRQ, to acquire USDR. That phase is essentially done, or complete. Now a new phase has begun, whereby corporations and institutions will enter into this process, and move Billions of dollars into the new currency."


Bill: You've talked a lot about how USDR works, so I won't get into that, it's already in prior Intel Drops. I just wanted to get an overview and update on how you see it playing out and being integrated into society?


Gideon: "Well, it is a vast and complex project, with very clear intentions behind it. It is going to be similar to Bitcoin, in some sense, with a capped type of supply. Very different from fiat. We do not expect the public will be told that vast sums of it are in the hands of just a few, the Sovereign classes, which is about ten million people.


Instead, it will somehow be sold or marketed as a relief package for the soon-failing fiat currencies. The gambit, or sales pitch, is that the governments will hand-out free money and this will entice people to join the enslavement process.


There is also speculation when the BRICS nations either issue their own currency or do away with dealing in U.S. Dollars, this will cause a planned collapse, and then CSRQ will come online."


Bill: Ok, I'm going to share a short video that I thought was really good, it just sums up what's going on. I'm not saying I agree with this person on everything, but they seem to see what's coming. I don't think they know anything about CSRQ. But people are really starting to get an idea that this is on the horizon.


Gideon: "Some people are, some intuitive people are getting a sense of it, yes."


Bill: Just going back to Covid, it's like that, to me. It's going to be another huge psy op and lie, and it'll just show up in our lives overnight. I just wonder how they'll do it.


Gideon: "I continue to ask my sources about this. I am trying to glean as much information as I can. One thing I am seeing is that even my sources are getting confused or having difficulty thinking or concentrating. We all speculate the A.I. is able to track more than we thought, using Wifi, they are able to track or detect our thoughts, and possibly use the Wifi signals to then influence our thoughts."


Bill: I had just read about that somewhere. So, you believe that's true?


Gideon: "Yes, it is, unfortunately. It does not work if Wifi is turned off and you are connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable, so that is preferred, if you can do that, or connect directly to a router. The connection needs to be closed, so to speak, so there is zero wireless transmission.


How the A.I. collects data is also not a perfect science, but they are trying to perfect it. It seems if two or more people are in a given room with Wifi, the A.I. scrambles and confuses the thoughts. There are also other problems, but they are working on it. They can also influence thoughts, but not very well."


Bill: If they can do that, it's like we're trapped. Wifi is all over, everyone uses it. Do you know how the A.I. is really getting this info and what it's doing with it?


Gideon: "We believe there is a lot of data, or thought-collection going on, processing of that data, the cabal is all over this right now. Whether they are taking action with it, we do not know, we do not think so, yet. But they will."


Bill: Should we all get away from Wifi?


Gideon: "Taking steps to do so would be wise, but it is a little impractical, too. We cannot live our lives in total fear. But due to this development, I will be issuing some security instructions to our Sovereigns going forward, so in the long-term we can remain undetected."


Bill: What are ways to stop this kind of surveillance? Because this is about reading our thoughts, this is just crazy to me.


Gideon: "One of my sources has some excellent knowledge on this that they are sharing with me. While the Wifi can pick up thoughts, we as humans have the power and ability to block it as well. The steps are fairly simple, and involve some shielding that can distort the interface between our minds and the existing Wifi in any given room, and other methods involving asking for divine protection, even prayer.


God has given us all a way out, a way to protect ourselves. He would not leave us so stranded that the cabal could simply snatch our thoughts out of thin air without a method to stop it. I will share all of this with our Sovereigns, once I have all of the details on it."


Bill: Good. I'm just thinking the cabal is going to use this to just monitor everyone now, they will know everything.


Gideon: "Not everything, but a lot, especially for preppers or people off-grid who still use Wifi and who are not thinking on this level. That is the real concern to me. Those people are just going to be even easier targets. Some of them even use Starlink, which is the worst thing you can do."


Bill: How is this going to tie in with the vaccines? I've heard a lot of talk about 5G, but not about Wifi.


Gideon: "It is directly related."


Bill: Is the 5G narrative a distraction from Wifi? In other words, are gatekeepers pushing this?


Gideon: "I have a lot more solid information on Wifi being related to this than 5G, so it is very possible, very possible that is some kind of limited hangout. Present some truth, not all of it. 5G is probably not what they will be using."


Bill: Incredible. It makes sense. 5G isn't even that widely spread and has limited range, but Wifi is all over.


Gideon: "Correct."


Bill: I'm just speculating here, but the vaccines must make a person more susceptible to this Wifi mind-reading tech, right?


Gideon: "It would make them more conductive electrically, via the graphene oxide, so, yes."


Bill: It's interesting, because the vaccine issue is nuanced. They didn't want to kill everyone, just some people, and the rest they want around to control, right?


Gideon: "That is right. The vaccines serve multiple purposes. Countless batches were used, countless different formulations, some even harmless."


Bill: It's just incredible to me, the vastness of their plan, the scope.


Gideon: "As I have said, they consider Earth their sole domain now, and they are also trying to secure the astral as well. In other words, they want control of two entire dimensions among the many dimensions of reality, which go up multiple levels."


Bill: Can't God step in and just stop this?


Gideon: "Yes, He can, and He may, but the cabal believes He is limited in some way. I touched on this in the Cosmic series. It is very confusing and hard to accept, and I do not fully understand it."


Bill: How could God be limited?


Gideon: "It appears it has to do with how souls consent to all of this, how they sign these soul-contracts in the astral, how they go along with it. God cannot intervene if we as humans are endorsing it, or supporting it, or remain in this soul trap cycle, that you spoke about. Just as so many took the vaccines, they separated themselves from God completely."


Bill: I see. It's more like God is allowing for some free will here?


Gideon: "He is."


Part 2 - Chip Implants & Planned 2025 Pandemic


Bill: I posted on my Twitter about these chip implants they want in people. We talked about this before, maybe we can discuss it for the Intel Drop?


Gideon: "Yes, the whistle blowers have directly told me they have become aware of a plan to chip people so they can access USDR. It surprised them, because they had not been told this. It appears the plan is to be rolled out in 2025. Without a chip, you would have no access to money."


Bill: Will Sovereigns be exempt from this?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: But all of the other classes will have to go along with it, by that I mean, Common, Restricted and Quarantined classes?


Gideon: "That is correct."


Bill: Do you know anything about the details of this, or how they'll pull that off? Seems like people would resist it.


Gideon: "Right now, they would. But once CSRQ is online, once USDR is issued, people will be compelled to do it to have access to capital and their free monthly stipend, or UBI.


We also think this may tie into a new, planned pandemic in 2025. Somehow, the chipping or implant will be key in preventing some kind of made-up disease, but I do not know how. We just believe they are going to tie the implants into something even beyond the USDR and CSRQ element, where people are even more compelled to get it."


Bill: I see, like the chip might carry medical information?


Gideon: "In a sense, possibly, but more than that. They'll say the chip is needed to protect you or something. Or even some other twist in the narrative. I do not know. I just know, they are going to use multiple forms of manipulation to entice and pressure people into getting this chip."


Bill: Is it the Mark, the Mark of the Beast?


Gideon: "It may well be. I would say almost certainly, though some argue the vaccines were."


Bill: Then we're safe, if Sovereigns don't have to get it.


Gideon: "We will be safe. Our friends and family will not be, and this worries me greatly."


Bill: This sort of goes back to our Rescue Plan, some of our efforts there. What do you think we can still do?


Gideon: "It is more up to the whistle blowers, what they are willing to take on. All I can do is ask them, to send them requests, and hope they can help. So far, they have done a lot for us, but sometimes they hold back or they do not do something if they deem it too risky."


Bill: Won't people resist this? Getting chipped? It seems like the cabal is going too far with that.


Gideon: "The vaccine plan was completely rushed, illogical, lacked proper testing and trials, involved pressure, coercion and went too far, yet Billions upon Billions of people willingly not only took one dose, they took multiple doses. I read the total doses issued was over 11 Billion."


Bill: True. So you think people will really go out and get chipped?


Gideon: "Unfortunately, yes, especially if it is tied to their economic viability and ability to have money, and even their health. Some will happily do it.


But, there will also be a resistance, too, and those people will be dealt with by the cabal. This would hearken back to our many discussions of how the cabal will use drones against people, and we now believe very small drones, or mosquitoes designed to deliver a poison."


Bill: Oh, right, like the genetically-altered mosquitoes Bill Gates is releasing?


Gideon: "Yes, though I have no intel that those have drone tech. They may be used to just spread more disease. We already see some Malaria outbreaks in Florida. My intel is spotty on this, but it has been suggested to me that there are multiple mosquito programs, or at least programs in which the drones themselves are the size of a mosquito."


Bill: That's horrifying, and it seems to me, almost impossible to stop.


Gideon: "There would be ways, but you would have to be very prepared, and have some technology to detect them."


Bill: I've got to admit, I've been depressed the past few weeks, learning about a lot of this. How it's all tying in, the chipping, these drones, and most of all, this soul trap stuff. You had already said as much in the Cosmic series we did, but now I'm reading and listening to all these other sources, it's just confirming it so deeply. It's depressing because there's no real salvation like we thought after death. It's just more deception!


Gideon: "I would not go that far, Bill. You are Sovereign, we all are. The cabal has to get you to accept these things, sign a contract of sorts, to agree to it, and often people just get deceived. If you can resist the deception, you will join God and bypass the astral trap. You have to be very prepared for death in this way. Most are not at all."


Bill: Maybe we can help them?


Gideon: "We can emphasize this information, that may help."


Bill: I want to. Anyway, let me get back to my notes here. What about Joe Biden? It seems like he's just obviously a criminal, it's just out in the open. Does anyone care? The guy is on record taking bribes, it's proven, it's not even in doubt. What is the end game with him?


Gideon: "It appears Americans do not care, or there is no will to do anything. Republicans have not even impeached him yet. I have been told he will not be the Democratic nominee in 2024, but that on a personal level, he wants to be. But he will not be allowed to make that decision, even if he wants to. They want him replaced. He is a reliable servant, but he is losing credibility rapidly."


Bill: Are they going to put Trump in prison?


Gideon: "The juries they select will convict him. It is possible some twist will occur. Most likely, I see DeSantis somehow managing to get the nomination and promising to pardon Trump, but this is my own speculation. I continue to be told by some sources that the 2024 election either will not happen or 'does not matter' in some way."


Bill: Right, you told me one source sees things getting so bad, they'll delay the election, is that right?


Gideon: "Correct. They appear to believe the planned pandemic will cause so much chaos, there will be no election or it will get delayed."


Bill: What can people do? People wrote our Rescue Plan, but we were a little limited in what we could do to help.


Gideon: "They should still write and send you an email. I spoke with Michael, and we are still trying to pass along information to the whistle blowers. It is better than doing nothing, certainly. Even if the whistle blowers cannot help now, they may be able to in the future."


Bill: Ok, good, I'll just post the email they can use, it's




Part 3 - A.I. & RFK Jr. (the following discussion occurred three weeks ago)


Bill: What about RFK Jr.? He's coming out and saying all these things, can he be trusted? Is he waking people up?


Gideon: "Most of my sources and including myself believe he can be trusted, partly because I have confirmed he is not Sovereign in CSRQ.


But, he has cabal handlers near him, steering him gingerly, and he may not realize their true agenda. As I warned before, expect him to pivot occasionally and disappoint his fans with head-scratching positions or announcements if he gains traction. This should be attributed to his handlers.


If he manages to rebuff them or stand his ground, they will escalate against him. He has also referenced the deaths of his father and uncle, and suggested he, too, could be assassinated, so it seems he has an awareness of these existential threats.


He is also not aware of the true plan going on, and this may be why the cabal is not targeting him as aggressively as they could.


If he were talking about CSRQ, talking more about the cabal itself, talking about the plan for the one world digital currency, talking about Agenda 2030, talking about the WEF, talking about how Israel is behind much of this, you might see stronger, more aggressive attacks against him. He has touched briefly on these things, but not directly or frequently. It appears he has some awareness of them, though, which is surprising."


Bill: What about the fact he attacks vaccines so much? Isn't the cabal upset about that?


Gideon: "Yes, but not quite as much as you would assume. His vaccine truths are only half-truths, because he still says he supports safe vaccines and says his children are, or were, fully vaccinated. This is not a correct or truthful position, as no vaccines are good or safe. It appears it just comes from a place of ignorance on his part, or he is somehow afraid to speak more aggressively against vaccines.


The cabal, also, does not need people to be faithfully believing in vaccines going into the future. Their vaccine program was already a general success with the Covid vaccines, as far as they are concerned, and in the future they can always change the name of their new poisons, or engage in some kind of bait and switch.


They can eventually admit vaccines are bad or dangerous, but then issue some new kind of medical scam. They might say, 'everyone needs monoclonal antibodies, those are safe,' and simply move the operation under a new name."


Bill: Wow, I can see them doing that! So they will just let vaccines get trashed and change the name?


Gideon: "Yes, they may. I see indications the cabal is prepared to allow vaccine criticism to exist, because they will just engage in the bait and switch, as I stated. It may not happen now or overnight, but I suspect by 2030 we may have new names for the cabal poisons.


We also have to realize the cabal is less interested in killing off people, as that program is already finished. The next goal is to hook people up to the Metaverse, this control grid, and they may need injections or nano-tech they want to put into people, they just will not call those things vaccines, but rather something else."


Bill: I see. Should our American Sovereigns support him for President? I've watched him and he's telling some potent truths, and he's more truthful than I expected.


Gideon: "They should support him, yes, though his chances of becoming President are virtually zero. If he did become President, I would have to conclude either a stunning awakening took place and the cabal was defeated somehow, or the cabal had decided to co-opt him and compromise him, and use him in some way. I see both scenarios as nearly impossible.


The cabal will likely push a Ron DeSantis vs. Gavin Newsom so-called 'Uniparty' ticket outcome for 2024, assuming the U.S. even exists at that point. One of my sources also continues to repeat to me, rather cryptically, that the election is meaningless and outcome is meaningless, and that I should not focus on it. The source will not elaborate further when I press for more."


Bill: You mentioned to me you had heard form a source that the cabal could pull a trick that would even fool you or me. What did you mean by that?


Gideon: "Yes, I have gotten some information that does not align with anything really so far. I was told the cabal could, or will, allow a so-called 'false awakening' to occur. They will sacrifice some of their underlings and give everyone the impression the cabal was defeated, and a renewal has taken place."


Bill: Ok, I've heard that theory before. It was posted a couple years ago on GodlikeProductions. This guy who happened to meet an insider in New Zealand. Do you know what I'm talking about?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: He said they'll do just that, sort of allow everyone to see the truth, get riled up, revolt, take out some sacrificial lambs, as you say, like maybe Dr. Fauci, put them up for trial or hang them in the streets, and then give everyone this false idea the good guys won and bad guys lost. Is that what you're getting at?


Gideon: "It is similar. It is just one source saying this to me. This person says the cabal could shift at any moment to this new trajectory. He says the A.I. has determined such an outcome would, essentially, compromise far more souls than simply a totalitarian takeover and collapse, which is what they are planning."


Bill: So it could deceive more people? This false awakening?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: How seriously do you take it? And if it does happen, what would happen?


Gideon: "I keep it in mind, but again, it is only one of my sources saying it. If it did happen, I would expect someone like RFK Jr. to win the Presidency, and we would see a sort of renewal and flushing-out of the old guard, but it would still be a cabal-controlled new world order, just presented under the banner of freedom and so on."


Bill: If they did that, should we assume CSRQ would be 




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